Equipment and Facilities

CTRM Testing Laboratory is honored to present one of the most comprehensive suites of independent test facilities available in Malaysia, so chances are that we'll have something that meets your requirements all over the Asia.
In addition to the personnel, CTRM TL is equipped with a large variety of mechanical, physical and chemicals testing equipment, making CTRM TL one of the most equipped testing laboratories in Malaysia for all kinds of testing needs.

CTRM Testing Laboratory provide high quality and professional services to meet the endless demand of industry in the areas of testing. We have comprehensive testing facilities and our trained personnel are committed to provide you with high quality and professional services.

The increase in customers’ awareness and the competitive market has compelled businesses to equip themselves with the necessary measures to protect their business growth.



Universal Testing Machine(UTM)Destructive Test Mechanical Testing
MTS 20G (UTM 1)
  • Load capacity: 100kN
  • Type of testing: ILSS, Flexural, Tensile, Compression, 4 Point Bend, Drum peel, Flatwise Tensile
INSTRON 5569 with environment chamber (UTM 2)
  • Load capacity: 50 kN, able to perform the mechanical tests at room temperature or at high temperature(max temperature 350°C)
  • Type of testing: ILSS, Flexural and Tensile Test.
INSTRON 5582 with environment chamber (UTM 3)
  • Load capacity: 100 kN, able to perform the mechanical tests at room temperature and at high temperature(max temperature 350°C)
  • Type of testing: ILSS, Flexural and Tensile Test.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)
DMA Q800 (DMA 1 & 2) TA Instrument
  • To perform glass transition temperature of the material (Tg)
DMA8000 Perkin Elmer
  • To perform glass transition temperature of the material (Tg)
Model: OLYMPUS, SZ60
  • Stereo zoom microscope perform the micro section analysis on the composites sample
  • Magnification range: 10X to 63X
Analytical Balance
Model: Precisa Balance XT2000C
  • High-quality electronic precision balance with a readability of 0.0001 gram to 1 gram weighing sample or weigh amount of 2 entities, mass per unit area, density and etc
  • Capacity: 0.5 g to 2200 g
  • Analytical balance
  • Capacity: max 210 g
Model: SARTORIUS, BP-211D Accessory: Density meter kit Model: YDK 01- 0D
  • Densitimeter balance is used for determining the density of liquid according to weights and measures regulations
  • Weighing capacity: max 210 g
Model : GR Series GR-200
  • Analytical balance
  • Capacity : max 210g
Model: MEMMERT ULM 500
  • Use for curing or drying of sample Apparatus or bonding block (to cure the paste adhesive on Flatwise test sample and debonding process)Manually set
  • Capacity: 108 litres,Temperature range: 30°C to 220°C
Model: MEMMERT ULE 500
  • Use for curing or drying of sample Loop system; programmable
  • Capacity: 53 litres
  • Temperature range: 30°C to 220°C
Model: ModuTemp
  • Use for fiber volume and resin content test 918G LTE
Melting Point Apparatus
Model: Fisher-Johns
  • Perform gel time test on the resin
  • Temperature range: RT to 300°C
Fume Hood
Supplied by Mecomb
  • Fibre volume fraction(acid digestion method)
Muffle Furnace
Model : Carbolite ELF/11B
  • Fibre volume fraction (burn off method)
  • Max temperature 1100 °C
  • Capacity : 14 litres
Measurement Tools
Micrometer Model: MITUTOYO
  • For measuring length, width and thickness
  • Range 0-0.001mm No : 293-721-30, quantity = 2 No : 293-761-30, quantity = 1
  • Range 0- 25mm No : 389-511-30 , quantity = 1 No : 342-511-30, quantity = 1
Caliper Model: MITUTOYO and PRO-MAX
  • Measuring length, width and thickness
  • Range 0-150mm Mitutoyo absolute Digimatic, quantity = 3
  • PRO-MAX Electronic Digital Caliper,quantity = 2
Orbital Shaker
Model: PROTECH 719
  • Shake the sample in two direction with set speed
Water Distiller
  • To process distilled water
Shore A Hardness
Model: TH200 Digital Durometer
  • To determine Shore hardness
Barcol Hardness
Model: GYZJ934-1
  • To determine Barcol hardness
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Model: Branson3500
  • To determine resin content by ultrasonic wave
Humidity Chamber
Model: Terchy
  • Humidity capasity: 30-95%RH
  • Temperature capacity: 0-100°C To perform sample conditioning.
Hot Platen Press
Model: HT-8122A
  • To determine the flow of resin in materials
Muffle Furnace
Model: Nabertherm GmbH LH120/12
  • Max temperature 1200°C To heat metal block for peeling after test
Hot Plate
Model: Fisher Scientific
  • To be used in fiber volume fraction test (acid digestion method)
  • Temperature capacity: 5-400°C