CTRM TL Laboratory

CTRM Testing Laboratory is equipped with testing machines that meet a wide range of mechanical, chemical, and physical composites testing needs. The lab’s competitive pricing allows our customer to conduct preliminary evaluation of the new materials and consultations prior to testing agreement.

Our Mission is to translate our customer’s requirement into reality with outstanding quality and provide competitive testing solution to the composites world.

Our Vision is to become the leader in composites material testing in Asia.

CTRM TL Facilities

CTRM TL is honored to present one of the most comprehensive suites of independent test facilities available in Malaysia, so chances are that we'll have something that meets your requirements all over the Asia.

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Universal Testing Machine – Destructive Test Mechanical Testing

Loads up to 400kN.

Elevated temperature option with chamber.
Extensometer and custom fixtures including short beam shear available. Tests performed include:
Tensile, Flexural, Compressive, Shear, Bending.

Thermal Analysis

The laboratory houses state-of-the-art thermal testing equipment from TA Instruments, including dynamic mechanical analyzers. DMA equipment can be used to characterize glass transition temperature.