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CTRM TL provides calibration and testing services to aerospace and non aerospace industries within Asia region.

We offer a “One-Stop” access to our wide-range of mechanical, chemical, and physical composites testing. We help our clients to get their tests done quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. Our creative tests approach and our product verification made us among

the leading testing companies in Asia region.

CTRM Testing Laboratory Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Composites Testing Laboratory Asia Sdn Bhd) is fully owned by Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM). The laboratory was incorporated on 11th February 2010 to with

the main objective to provide testing services for aero and non-aero industries with a competitive price.

Since its inception, CTRM TL has recorded an unprecedented exponential growth and will continue to grow for the years to come. Sustainable growth, competitiveness, research and development, continuous improvement are the pillars for CTRM TL to develop into a world class testing laboratory and will be the lead into profitability and well being of the company in Asia. Our divisions are committed to handle your program/project with the integrity, expertise and dependability that you deserve.

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