CTRM Testing Laboratory (CTRM TL) provides a fast, flexible, cost competitive and highest quality of testing services to the clients.

We help our clients to tests materials and products to ensure they are safe, compliant and quality. The materials and products are tested with compliance to test specifications provided by the clients and we assist clients who are in need of consultations towards international specifications that fits to the purpose of testing.

Composite Research Malaysia

CTRM Testing Laboratory Sdn Bhd

World Wide Clients

The laboratory was established in February 2010 under the name of Composites Testing Laboratory Asia Sdn. Bhd. and later the laboratory changed its name to CTRM Testing Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. in 2015 as part of its branding strategy and determination to fly higher and stronger


We are a team of executives, engineers and technicians with a diverse field of experience, knowledge and technical skill.

CTRM TL Organizational Team