CTRM Testing Laboratory (CTRM TL) rakes in another recognition after obtaining the ‘Testing Laboratory Approval for Independent Laboratory’ approval last October 6, this time from the Airbus Defence & Space (ADS), Spain.

With this approval, the laboratory will be able to provide testing services to other ADS suppliers listed in the ‘Airbus Defence & Space Certified Process List’ where mainly the suppliers are located in the Europe region like Spain, Poland, Portugal, France etc. This status adds another success to CTRM TL for the year 2017 after receiving the first recognition last June from Airbus, France which is the ‘Airbus Independent Not Referent’ laboratory status.
CTRM TL started to perform the testings for ADS packages since 2005 for HTPTE (Horizontal Tail Plane Trailing Edge), VTPTE (Vertical Tail Plane Trailing Edge), VTPLE (Vertical Tail Plane Leading Edge) and ribs. The test covers Incoming Receipt Tests (IRT) for raw materials, In Process Test (IPT) for process control, First Article Inspection (FAI), First Part Qualification (FPQ). Later in 2009, the testing work increased to three work packages which are Non Common Cowling (NCC), Airduct and Bearing Rib which makes the total testing done to seven.
CTRM Testing Laboratory is a subsidiary of CTRM focusing on composite testing. In it’s early years, the company provide testing capabilities to CTRM Aero Composites for it’s aerostructure programs. Throughout the years, CTRM TL has progressed very well amongst the aerospace players and has diversified towards non aerospace testing activities which includes automotive, construction and energy industries. The diversification also means that CTRM TL will open its doors as a “commercial lab” which can be utilized by any industry players. It is now looking to expand it’s customers base by acquiring certifications and recognition from OEMs. Keep on shining CTRM TL!