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Chemical Testing

Our laboratory provide a wide range of chemical testing such as Fiber Volume Fraction, Gel Time, Resin Flow, Resin Content and more.


Testing Scope

Chemical Reaction On Sheet-Steel Test2018-05-11T01:34:41+08:00

Representative sheet-steel specimens are measured, cleaned, and weighed for period of time. Then specimens are rinsed, dried, and reweighed after the timed exposure.

Custom test

Water Vapor Permeability2018-02-12T06:05:18+08:00

Determination of water vapor transmission (WVT) of materials through


Oxygen Permeability2018-02-12T06:04:35+08:00

To determination of the steady-state rate of transmission of oxygen gas through plastics

ASTM D3985

Ignition Loss2018-02-12T06:03:47+08:00

To determine the ignition loss of cured reinforced resins

ASTM D2584

Glass Content2018-02-12T06:03:01+08:00

Specification for the design and construction of vessels and storage tanks in reinforced plastics


Water Absorption2018-02-12T06:02:23+08:00

To determine the effects of immersion in liquid chemicals

ISO 175, EN 2823


To determine the density of specimen

ASTM C271,ISO 845
ASTM D792, ISO 1183

Cure Time2018-02-12T06:00:51+08:00

To check Sealant hardness


Assembly Time2018-02-12T06:00:12+08:00

To determine period of time after mixing before fastened

AITM 1.0036

Resistance to Water2018-02-12T05:59:33+08:00

To check the paint resistance to water ISO 2812/2

Drying Time2018-02-12T05:58:50+08:00

To determine the paint drying time

AITM2-0011 ISO 1517

Flexibility (cylindrical mandrel)2018-02-12T05:58:02+08:00

To assess the flexibility and adhesive of coating properties under bending stresses

ISO 1519

Scratch Resistance2018-02-12T05:57:15+08:00

To establish the coating resistance by scratching

ISO 1518

Volatile Content2018-02-12T05:55:32+08:00

To determine volatile content by percentage of prepreg material

ASTM D3530 I+D-E-242
EN 2330
EN 2558
RMS 040
RMS 058
RMS 067
RMS 082
RMS 060/-1
ABT 1-0031


To determine the resistance of a fluid to shear forces and hence to flow

AiTM3.0004 ISO 2431

Tackiness Minimum-Maximum2018-05-11T02:00:33+08:00

To measure the tackiness properties of prepreg material

AIMS 05-02-000
RMS 082

Resin Flow2018-02-12T05:51:18+08:00

To determine the flow percentage of prepreg materials

EN 2560
RMS 040
RMS 082
RMS 060/-1

Resin Content2018-02-12T05:50:17+08:00

To determine resin content by percentage of prepreg

EN 2331
EN 2559 C I+D-E-242
RMS 040
RMS 082
RMS 060/-1
ABT 1-0016

Pot Life2018-02-12T05:49:11+08:00

To determine mixture pot life prior gellation

RMS 003 ISO 2431/ISO 9514

Nonvolatile Matter2018-05-11T02:01:47+08:00

To determine there is no volatile matter in the chemical

RIMS 1017
ASTM D 1353

Metal Mesh Areal Weight2018-02-12T05:47:10+08:00

To determine the weight of metal mesh areal

EN 2331

Gel Time2018-02-12T05:46:31+08:00

To determine gellation duration of prepreg material

RMS 040/-1
RMS 082 RMS 060/-1
BMS 8-301

Foaming Ability2018-02-12T05:45:21+08:00

To determine the ability of the material to foam by percentage

ABR 2-0050

Film Mass Per Unit Area2018-02-12T05:44:38+08:00

To determine the mass of designated area of film adhesive

EN 3009
EN 2559
EN2329 ABT 1-0030
ABT 1-0039
BS EN 2557 : 1997

Fiber Volume Fraction, Void Content2018-02-12T05:43:43+08:00

To measure fiber content in percentage of cured sample

ABT 1-0018
EN 2564
ASTM D3171
ASTM D2734
ISO 1172

Fiber Areal Weight2018-02-12T05:42:27+08:00

To determine the weight of fiber areal of prepreg material

EN 2559 C I+D-E-242
RMS 040
RMS 058
RMS 067
RMS 060/-1
EN 2329 EN2557

Extrusion Rate-Application Time2018-05-11T02:13:09+08:00

To measure the extrusion rate of mixed tubing filler

AITM 7.0003


To measure the foam material ability to expand prior heat treatment

RMS 025


To determine the material ability to be draped

RMS 067

Appearance Visual Check2018-05-11T02:05:21+08:00

To check the physical properties of material

AIMS 05-02-000
RMS0 40-1

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