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Physical Testing

Our laboratory offer physical testing for carbon fiber reinforced plastics (woven & unidirectional), glass reinforced plastics, and core materials.


Testing Scope

Heat Distortion Temperature2018-02-12T06:24:06+08:00

Determination of Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures with Flexural Load and with Compressive Load

DIN 53424

Thermal Expansion Coefficient2018-02-12T06:23:24+08:00

Determines the technical coefficient of linear thermal expansion of solid materials using thermomechanical analysis techniques


Colour Difference2018-02-12T06:22:41+08:00

The instrumental measurement of specimens resulting in color coordinates and color difference values by using a tristimulus colorimeter

ASTM E1347

Dimensional Stability2018-02-12T06:21:54+08:00

Determination of the changes of linear dimensions which occur when the test specimens (100 mm x 100
mm x 25 mm) have been subjected to specified environments

ISO 2796

Water Absorption and Diffusivity2018-05-11T13:12:39+08:00

Determination of moisture absorption or desorption properties in the through-the-thickness direction

ASTM D5229,ISO 62 (not close)

Rockwell Hardness2018-02-12T06:20:36+08:00

Determination of the Rockwell hardness and the Rockwell superficial hardness of metallic materials


Barcol Hardness2018-05-10T02:13:58+08:00

Determination of indentation hardness of both reinforced and nonreinforced rigid plastics

ASTM D2583
DIN 53505

Hardness test Shore D2018-05-11T13:09:47+08:00

Determination of indentation hardness of substances such as thermoplastic, thermoset and plastics

ASTM D2240-03

Energy Dispersive X-Ray2018-02-12T06:17:48+08:00

An analytical technique used for the elemental analysis or chemical characterization of a sample


Scanning Electron Microscope2018-05-10T03:11:26+08:00

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons Scanning Electron Microscope,


Surface Roughness2018-02-12T06:15:05+08:00

Surface roughness, often shortened to roughness, is a measure of the texture of a surface

JIS ‘01

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, EDS2018-02-12T06:13:59+08:00

To quantifying the elemental composition of phases in a microstructure

ASTM E1508

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)2018-05-10T02:16:19+08:00

Determination of curing characteristic and glass transition temperature of non metallic material

AiTM 3.0002
ASTM D3418
ASTM E1269

Composition Analysis, TGA2018-05-10T02:18:11+08:00

Determination of the amount of highly volatile matter, medium volatile matter, combustible material, and ash content of compounds by thermogravimetry

ASTM E1131

Glass Transition Temperature2018-05-10T02:59:34+08:00

Determination of the apparent glass transition temperature of non metallic materials

ABT 1-0028
AiTM 1-0003
ASTM D7028
ASTM E1640

Infra Red (IR)2018-05-10T03:23:34+08:00

Determination of organic and inorganic materials by using infrared analysi

AITM 3-0003C
ABT 1-0024
RIMS 1017
RIM S1027
ASTM E 1252

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)2018-05-10T03:22:39+08:00

Determination of the composition of soluble components of thermoset systems with or without reinforcement in the uncured state

ABT 1-0023

Determination Stability Under Heat2018-05-10T03:21:16+08:00

Determination of the temperature of deflection under load of plastics

ISO 75-2

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